First Love, Always

First Love, Always

After 32 years apart, college sweethearts Geoff Spencer ’79 and Poppy Terris Spencer ’78 are reunited.

They say you never forget your first love, and Rollins sweethearts Poppy Terris Spencer ’78 and Geoff Spencer ’79 couldn’t agree more. The two left their romance behind on the shores of Lake Virginia, taking different paths for 32 years but always thinking back on the other. In late spring of 2010, Geoff connected with Poppy on Facebook, and the two were married less than a year later.

Now, the reunited pair is currently writing a book titled 1 Billion Seconds. “That’s equivalent to 32 years, the time we were apart,” Poppy says.  “It’s about the life in between; having hope and faith; and, even through unimaginable circumstances, never losing the ability to love.”

On a recent campus visit to see Poppy’s daughter, Molly Spencer ’16, the Spencers reminisced about their college romance. “We were each other’s first love,” Geoff says. “When we did find each other, we were able to pick right back up. We were immediately transported back in time; this is really and truly a timeless love.”

In the years since they reunited, they’ve shared their love story with a countless number of people, always hearing back that the tale made people feel inspired and hopeful.  “Many people have a longing in their life and they say it gives them hope,” says Geoff. “We just want to make people feel good.”


Originally posted on Rollins360