Red Light Green light: How President-Elect Donald Trump Landed in the Oval Office, Step by Step

Red Light Green light: How President-Elect Donald Trump Landed in the Oval Office, Step by Step

By: Poppy and Geoff Spencer, Certified Relational Experts, Speakers, and Authors

How did Donald Trump, an imposing figure who immediately garners a lot of attention, and whose every word and move was highly scrutinized, stealthily sneak his way into the presidency? As relationship experts, we returned to psychology to examine nuances of the subconscious.

President-elect Trump played the stop light in the children’s game red light/green light—where one person plays the "stop light" and the rest try to touch him/her. To start, the children form a line about 15 feet (in this example, feet = months) from the stop light. The stop light turns away from the advancing children (the opponents, the other candidates, media) and says, “green light.” Everyone advances forward in an attempt to quickly tag the stop light before he or she turns around again.

The stop light (in control of the whole game) can turn around at any time, and say, “red light,” and any moving person is out of the game. 

Play resumes as the stop light turns back around and says "green light". The stop light wins when he has picked off all the kids before being tagged by anyone.

Donald Trump is the stop light. He cleverly and brilliantly picked off the other 16 republican candidates who entered the race to the White House on March 23, 2015. And he successfully controlled the media in the game. He allowed—possibly welcomed—the allegations and stories, as they served as diversions and distractions to his advancement.

Yet he also did something else. Something every voter in America could witness but failed to identify. Like general Patton, he pulled off the greatest surprise anyone could see, by telling everyone his exact strategy. He told the media, millions of Americans on prime time viewing during debates and countless speeches and rallies. He told us all his strategy on how he was going to take the Oval Office right under our eyes, but no one recognized his secret.

What was his strategy? He knew his audience—keenly understood human thought, feelings and behavior. And he applied Generals Patton and MacArthur’s tactics. Trump immediately took a commanding control of our existing perceptions, behavioral patterns and adapted—yes, adapted—his behavior to position himself closer and closer each day to the white house. He told each and every one of us his strategy, but we didn’t apply it to the election. Trump set out to take one accomplishment at a time. Like Patton and MacArthur, he focused on one battle—to take the White House. Trump has shown us how to win—has expressed how he wants America to win again. 

Here is what he did the to capture the greatest upset of an American election in one word: Mosul.

“Why can’t they do it quietly? Why can’t they do the attack, make it a sneak attack, and after the attack is made, inform the American public that we’ve knocked out the leaders, we’ve had tremendous success?”

Donald J. Trump repeatedly told us all months ago exactly how he would win the presidency of the Unites States of America. He subliminally messaged millions of Americans who stealthily made their way to the front lines of the voting booths and quietly entered their vote. And now he can inform the “leaders”—us at citizens—that we’ve had tremendous success. 

All of the other spotlights on his behavior, his comments, his perceived outrageousness was all part of his plan. He knew his audience. Knew the media would pounce on all the land mines he laid down. And he placed another and another, as he and his silent soldiers quietly made his way with his growing army (voters) to the end goal.

Quoting General Patton many times, as recently as Monday when he appeared for the last day of rallies in Sarasota, Donald J. Trump garnered the Oval Office by posing as a stop light in the spot light. And like Patton, he’s outrageously successful at navigating the minds, hearts, and actions of all us who merely waited for the green light.