No Hail Mary’s For This Relationship

No Hail Mary’s For This Relationship

Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn are benched.

As relationship experts and die-hard Packer fans (our dog is named Lambeau), we’ve studied this curious relationship for three years. And to be honest, we figuratively scratched our heads the whole time.

Many relationships present obvious connections; the shared values palpable, if not evident. The football hero and the then (3 years ago) aspiring actress, not so much.

There were plenty of photos in which we saw the newly tagged celeb duo, yet their faces—their micro-expressions—didn’t reflect that they were in sync in the huddle. In fact, Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson seemed better connected.

As counselors and coaches—(read: sideline relationship coordinators) who use our own programs and tools from our relationship playbook, we didn’t recognize nor understand any of the plays that were called off the field. Metaphorically speaking, there seemed to be several incomplete passes, lack of first downs. And a lot of punting, which means that no distance toward a goal has been accomplished. Which from our sidelines’ vantage point, defeats the whole purpose of having a relationship.

If you cannot grow, move forward, develop as individuals and forge a team mindset, the relationship will lack not only synchronicity, but meaningful connection.

Therein lies our scratched-head confusion. Rodgers and Munn never projected synchronicity. Or connection. If we had one word to describe the duo, it would be a big D. Not defense, but disconnect.

We attended a Lambeau Field game in November 2015 during the Rodgers-Munn 3-year disconnect, and witnessed first hand that Rodgers’ personal life seemed to seep into his professional life with his team members. At a critical point in the game against the Lions, Rodgers took the media break time to stand by himself, rather than huddle with the team. He looked lost—physically and emotionally disconnected. Off day, sure. But we believe that when our personal lives have off sides, or encroachments, it usually affects everything else in our lives.

For Munn, we suppose the little-known actress intercepted the headlines 3-years ago when she teamed up with Aaron. Her stats skyrocketed because of the football giant; her value as a free agent quadrupled.

So what was in the relationship for Aaron Rodgers?

Estranged from family. Fans judged him. And his undoubtable talent questioned, we had to wonder what benefits he got from this relationship. Tom Brady and his supermodel gf/wife is one thing. But Munn is no supermodel. And why we certainly have no claim on any of the details of this relationship loss, we are curious as to why it took the world stage to begin with.

Was it just to have someone? Or in Munn’s case, was it a strategic play action to set up her own Hail Mary into celeb kingdom?

We ask clients all the time, “What is the one thing that you love and appreciate about your partner?” We hear, “He/she is my rock. He listens. She is always there for me. He adores me. Our family values are completely aligned.” And the really clever answers are the ones who say, “I can’t come up with just one thing.”

So, Aaron Rodgers, super nice guy and our wonderful football hero, what is the one thing you appreciated about Olivia Munn? Because, from our playbook, we couldn’t see it.